What We Do

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” ~Benjamin Franklin


The surest way to learn something new though is through practice. By practicing their phonics, writing, and alphabet early on, a young child is dramatically improving their chances of success in the classroom in their later years. That is why we provide age and developmental-appropriate lessons to ensure the child builds practice and confidence in these areas.


When a child begins to understand even the most basic of mathematical concepts, the opportunities available to that child dramatically increase. It is therefore one of our objectives to help develop an understanding of concepts like numbers and counting, numerical order, greater than, less than, and in some cases, adding and subtracting.


Children by nature are curious. We believe in fostering that curiosity by discussing topics concerning our natural environment. Topics include the four seasons, space, plants, and animals.

Getting Creative

Of course, comprehensive learning involves more than just numbers and letters. Our students regularly find themselves painting, drawing, and creating wildly imaginative works of art that they proudly display to their friends and family. We also offer numerous multi-shaped and multi-colored manipulatives for them to interact with, helping improve their fine motor skills while simultaneously having fun.

And who could forget about music. We find that not only does music help brighten-up a child’s (and an adult’s) day, it also triggers the use of their sensory cortex, creating multitudes of neural connections, crucial for adolescent development. In addition, giving a child the freedom to express themselves with percussion and string instruments expands their ever-growing perspective of themselves and their world; not-to-mention it can be totally fun!

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